Friday, June 12, 2015

XSControl helps to save lives

Videmo’s partner Twinsoft expanded its portfolio with Videmo’s face recognition-based access control software XSControl. With Videmo XSControl, Twinsoft, an independent consulting firm for business integration, IT-modernization, SIEM and biometry, now offers an integrated solution that allows to upgrade existing security structures to the highest safety standards.

Videmo XSControl is an automatic face recognition software for access control points. Using the XSControl technology, the face of every person passing an access control point is captured and recorded, under various types of conditions, in indoor or outdoor areas of a facility. When a person enters a critical area, the person’s face is detected and the extracted face model is stored in a centralized database. When the person leaves the area, his or her face model is deleted from the database. In this way, the amount of people located inside the facility is known at every point in time.

The possible benefit of such a solution is described by our partner Twinsoft:

Imagine the case of a fire in a sewage work or refinery. Hazardous and highly flammable substances are stored in the area, such that drastic measures need to be taken to get the fire under control before it spreads.
But is the area already completely evacuated? Has every single worker, supplier or watchman left the huge area?
There is a guestbook at the entrance, but has every visitor made the effort and listed his or her name?
The answer: probably not. In this fictional scenario people could possibly not be evacuated in time and lose their lives because nobody knows that they are inside the facility.


Using Videmo XSControl, on the other hand, every person located in the area could be tracked and evacuated. The amount of recorded persons is not limited, such that the system is scalable to even large premises with a high number of accessing persons.