What is it?

XSControl is Videmo's solution for face-based access control using fast and robust, state-of-the-art face-recognition technology that can be used indoors and outdoors under a wide range of conditions. Designed to be highly configurable and adaptable, the system can be used in many different access control scenarios. This includes industrial facilities, refineries, storage plants, all kinds of critical infrastructures like airports, data centers or building security for hotels, apartments and offices.

“Security reaches a new level!“

Universal Application

XSControl is a distributed client-server application that consists of single autonomous components communicating through a standardized API. This allows to easily adapt the system to any possible application scenario and to use it either as a standalone solution or to integrate it into existing systems. XSControl is ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications such as:

  • Industrial plants: Refineries, chemical plants and storage facilities
  • Critical infrastructure: Airports, data centers, supply chains
  • Building security: Hotels, apartments, offices
  • Time attendance systems

Workflow Optimization

XSControl is designed for easy integration into existing supply chain solutions or any kind of access control systems using cards, PIN codes or RFID tags. XSControl can greatly improve the reliability of the overall system such that it meets the highest security standards without delaying the overall workflow. This is achieved thanks to XSControl's fast and robust face recognition technology that works in real-time while the access card is being inserted or the PIN-code is entered.


Fraud Protection

XSControl efficiently denies spoofing attacks where unauthorized persons try to get access using an image or video of an authorized person. The XSControl face-recognition technology allows to identify certain face characteristics and tracks them over time to detect natural movements. It may also ask for a random user interaction to confirm the authenticity of the person that tries to enter.


Adaptive Learning

Our cutting edge face recognition algorithms allow to manually correct false alarms during the integration phase. The system automatically adapts the models of identities to the made corrections. By doing this, it can be easily adjusted to operating conditions including camera settings and illumination during day and night. This can reduce the occurrence of false alarms even further for operation under very challenging conditions.


Access From Anywhere

The management console of the XSControl system is not limited to your desktop computer but can also be accessed from any Android or iOS tablet or smartphone. XSControl impresses with a modern, intuitive and highly responsive interface that allows you to manage and access all its functions on the go.


Restful Application Programming Interface

XSControl provides a well-documented and standardized Restful HTTP API for easy integration and customization. To connect multiple sites through insecure networks, the internal HTTP server can be replaced with a secure and high performance reverse proxy server like the well-known Apache, Nginx or other servers supporting FastCGI/SCGI. This allows a communication between the XSControl components through a secure socket layer (SSL).


Easy Installation

The XSControl server and access point applications come with an all-in-one installation package for Microsoft Windows Server or Linux distributions. After installation, the configuration can be done using the graphical user interface of XSControl. This includes licence management, camera configuration and registration of new access points. After installing and starting XSControl on an access point, it will automatically register with the desired XSControl server and is ready to use after manual confirmation in the administration interface.